During the summer of 2018 I decided to not just use my break for fun and adventure, but to trial what my life would be like as a digital nomad living the laptop lifestyle. I was curious to see if it was for me, because so far I have been living a very “normal” and structured life working as a teacher in London while starting my side hustle as a blogger.

London offers many great spaces for online work (credits @petraeujanephotography)

What’s a digital nomad you ask? I have written a few digital nomad articles so far that cover that and many more questions:

Are you good at networking?

Guest blogging is another form of networking online specifically suitable for copywriters and bloggers, who rather network in writing. It’s a strategy many bloggers and writers use, but often I find that guest posts haven’t been carefully planned.

At ClickDo Ltd. we use it constantly to grow our blogs and websites and I have learned over time that it is important to plan the header and the text as well as the links added in order to achieve the goals with guest posting.

If you manage to land a guest post on a high-profile website…

How to make your daily London commute work for you even during a pandemic

Crammed, squashed, standing on the train — a seat? You’re dreaming! — waiting for smelly people to get off and finally reaching your destination, if you can get out that is.

The daily reality of many Londoners who are unable to work from the comfort of their homes should be transformed. During the pandemic the daily commute has somewhat improved in the sense that one finally gets a seat and SPACE. Not to breathe though — the mandatory face covering makes sure of that.

So, if…

Change is happening constantly. Often it goes unnoticed, but at times we clearly recognize it. And today I certainly did.

I went to see the protesters, Extinction Rebellion, in London by Oxford Circus. They’re demonstrating for a change in the way the UK government and the public view and deal with climate change, trying to create an awareness of its acuteness! They’re determined that only by being disruptive people and politicians will take notice and finally act to bring about change.

Their flyer states “Against the criminal inaction on the climate and ecological crisis"

To declare inaction a criminal act is radical, but for change to occur it does require a trigger, a…

I regularly come across intriguing claims when it comes to education and the rights and wrongs of raising children these days.

Recently, I was made aware of this article below in a magazine called Little London Guides announcing latest research shows that asking a toddler to say sorry is wrong and inappropriate for their age.

I started my schooling career in a small German town state school about 30 years ago and I remember imagining it to be very different from how it really was. I absolutely loved Kindergarten and moving into primary school was a real shock, not to mention being in secondary school, which I probably hated the most!

All of a sudden I couldn’t just play anymore. I had to sit at a table most of the time and follow my teacher’s instructions. …

How the written word impacts human behaviour

Artefact displayed at Bloomberg Space in London

The other day I went to see the 1800 year-old temple of Mithras on display at the Bloomberg Space in London and one out of the many amazingly well-preserved artefacts I saw blew me away: a wooden writing tablet and stylus used for commercial recordings. That’s when I realized how important the ability to write and read has been for humans and how it clearly has changed the way we lead our lives.

It has enabled the Romans, who settled in London about 2000 years ago, to communicate with Rome about what happens…

We’re holding the key

Sometimes I wish my brain would just work like a computer and I could give it some commands that’ll get me the results I want — pronto!

If I wanted to lose weight I could simply go Shift+Ctrl+Enter >be fit and I would only crave healthy, low-calorie foods and lots of physical activity.

If I wanted to learn something new faster I’d do Shift+Ctrl+Enter >build more memory neurons and voilá — I remember and execute immediately.

I recently read the books “The power of habits" by Charles Duhigg and “The Daily Stoic" by Ryan Holiday and through them I realized…

Safeguarding our digital selves

Is our digital alter ego protected?

As a teacher returning to work after the summer break I was updated today about the latest safeguarding policy released by the Department for Education.

Obviously, this is about making sure that all children in education are safe. However, today I asked myself: do all adults actually safeguard themselves in the digital world? Can they do everything possible to keep their digital selves safe?

In times of digital transparency how can we protect ourselves from vulnerabilities? How can we ensure that only information we really want to share is available and published? …

It’s summer — the time of year most teachers, like myself, anticipate most. Of course, we love our job and students, but it is wonderful to travel and explore new places or just chill in the sun.

This summer I decided to go to Ibiza as I’m a big island and Spain fan. But looking at my feet and hands I thought maybe they could do with some maintenance. As I was planning on doing some holiday shopping in the Canary Wharf shopping mall I googled “best manicure and pedicure near me” and Beautyfini salon popped up with amazing reviews…

Manuela Willbold

A digital nomad wannabe and teacher by profession who loves to travel, read, sing and write: https://www.manuelawillbold.com/, https://education.clickdo.co.uk/

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