How to make your daily London commute work for you even during a pandemic

Crammed, squashed, standing on the train — a seat? You’re dreaming! — waiting for smelly people to get off and finally reaching your destination, if you can get out that is.

The daily reality of many…

How the written word impacts human behaviour

Artefact displayed at Bloomberg Space in London

The other day I went to see the 1800 year-old temple of Mithras on display at the Bloomberg Space in London and one out of the many amazingly well-preserved artefacts I saw blew me away: a wooden writing tablet and stylus used for…

We’re holding the key

Sometimes I wish my brain would just work like a computer and I could give it some commands that’ll get me the results I want — pronto!

If I wanted to lose weight I could simply go Shift+Ctrl+Enter >be fit and I would only crave healthy, low-calorie foods and lots…

Safeguarding our digital selves

Is our digital alter ego protected?

As a teacher returning to work after the summer break I was updated today about the latest safeguarding policy released by the Department for Education.

Obviously, this is about making sure that all children in education are safe. However, today I asked myself: do all adults…

Manuela Willbold

A digital nomad wannabe and teacher by profession who loves to travel, read, sing and write:,

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