Fun in the sun? Oops, first gotta get my feet and nails done!

Manuela Willbold
3 min readAug 10, 2018

It’s summer — the time of year most teachers, like myself, anticipate most. Of course, we love our job and students, but it is wonderful to travel and explore new places or just chill in the sun.

This summer I decided to go to Ibiza as I’m a big island and Spain fan. But looking at my feet and hands I thought maybe they could do with some maintenance. As I was planning on doing some holiday shopping in the Canary Wharf shopping mall I googled “best manicure and pedicure near me” and Beautyfini salon popped up with amazing reviews just a stone’s throw away near South Quay. Off I went.

Beach colours galore

Luckily I was able to get an appointment right away and after telling the beautician that I’m going on a beach holiday she showed me the perfect OPI beach vacation manicure colours for it out of 300 + varnishes to choose from.

I really liked “Humidi-Tea” and “Taupe-less beach”, both nice pastel shades of purple and pink. We discussed which nail varnish would match with most of the clothes I would wear. Eventually I went for “Taupe-less beach” but was told that I could glam it up with another shiny varnish on top for nights out.

Ready, steady, file away!

I was seated in a comfortable chair and my feet were soaked and cleaned in a foot bath. The beautician filed and shaped my toe nails, removed the hard, dry skin and gave my feet an intensive, moisturizing cream massage — I already felt like on holiday.

Moving on to my finger nails they were disinfected, cleared of access skin and filed into the shape I chose. My hands then enjoyed a comfortably warm hand bath to soak. I noticed that the salon highly values hygiene as during my treatment all the tools were sterilised in between.

Next the OPI gel was applied to my toe and finger nails and then dried in a dryer to harden it. Finally, my chosen nail varnish was applied with 2 layers and a gloss on top for long-lasting results. WOW! What a difference a colour makes.

All of this was done in 30 minutes and at checkout I was stunned: all of this for a mere £45! I saw Beautyfini discount offers on the counter for either referring a new friend (you’ll both receive 10% off your next treatment) or being a loyal customer through their VIP club stamp card (with your 10th visit you’ll get £5 off).

Ibiza here I come and Beautyfini salon — I’ll be back.